Mulege is one of the touristic jewels of Baja California Sur. This port destination, located in front of the Sea of Cortez coast, is the perfect place to relax and to be surrounded by the most spectacular landscapes of Baja California peninsula tinged by the colors of the dessert and the sea. Besides enjoying the ecotourism activities, Mulege offers cultural tourism through its historical heritages focused in its colonial architecture and its cave paintings.

4 spots for your first visit to Mulege

Bahia Concepcion

These waters are calm and pleasantly fresh, inviting the tourists to relax in this paradise on earth. In Bahia Concepcion not all is calm, you can find adventurous activities as kayak, snorkel and camping.

Mision Santa Rosalia

Next to a large river, in the hill of a mountain range, there is a viewpoint where you can admire the desert from one side and the date palms on the other. Inside the viewpoint, there is the original statue of Santa Rosalia and a bell dated from XVIII century.

Sierra de Guadalupe

Samples of paintings have been found inside caves and nooks. Inside these walls of more than 7 thousand years old, the first men that lived in the area, captured their perception of the world through images related to animals and the hunting methods used.

Playa Santispac

Playa Santispac is located inside two hills and surrounded by a desert environment. It has a stream that lead to an estuary that is home of different wild species. Playa Santispact is perfect for practice watersports and camping under the stars.

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