Walk through its streets and immersed in a multifaceted culture that gather together the diversity of Mexico’s regions. Walls turned into urban art expositions and their trade passages in downtown that independent artists have transformed in one of the most iconic spots in the city.


Have your heard about the food trucks? Did you know Tijuana is the city with most food trucks in Mexico? The quality, service and its fusion of flavors makes them a great spot to try something new. Even foreigners see Tijuana as a major exponent of street food in the world, taking it to a whole new level.

Craft Beer

Baja California is considered the lead state in craft beer production, being Tijuana the biggest producer. There is nothing more refreshing in a hot day than a cold beer or to enjoy a good food along with this fermented drink. The greatest pleasure when comes to craft beer is from Baja California.

4 spots for your first visit to Tijuana



Local Gastronomy

Playas de Tijuana

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